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Reverse Mentorship Program presented by Volvo Group in partnership with CWA

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Reverse Mentorship Program presented by Volvo Group in partnership with CWA
Reverse Mentorship Program presented by Volvo Group in partnership with CWA

Time and place

14 sep. 2023 17:00


About the event

Join the empowering “Reverse Mentorship Program” for women in technology, presented by Volvo Group in partnership with CWA

Are you a female or non-binary student eager to make a mark in the world of technology? 

Are you ready to take your skills to the next level, gain unique insights and build lasting connections? 

Look no further! Our Reverse Mentorship Program is your ticket to growth, empowerment and meaningful change.

What is Reverse Mentorship?

Reverse mentorship flips the script! In our program, it's the experienced leaders who seek guidance and inspiration from individuals just starting their professional journey. This innovative approach fosters a dynamic exchange of ideas, experiences, and knowledge.

Why choose our mentorship program?

  • Unlock new perspectives: As a mentor, you'll have the chance to collaborate with a senior leader from Volvo Group, provide fresh insights and alternative viewpoints that can make a real impact.
  • Develop leadership skills: As a mentor, this is your opportunity to develop leadership and communication skills, boost self-confidence, and enhance self-awareness.
  • Be part of positive change: Our program is your opportunity to be an agent of positive change in the tech world. By participating, you're joining a community of forward-thinkers who are committed to breaking down barriers, fostering inclusivity, and championing diversity in technology.
  • Bridge generational gaps: Our program isn't just about skills; it's about forging connections across generations. It's a unique chance to build bridges, network, and promote inclusivity and diversity in the tech industry.

Program highlights:

  • 10 members of CWA will have the opportunity to become mentors. These mentors will be matched with a leader from Volvo Group who will be the mentee.
  • Individualized mentorship: Mentors and mentees commit to at least four one-on-one meetings to foster a strong and supportive relationship. There will be a suggested topic for each session.
  • Open dialogue: We encourage open, honest and meaningful conversations between mentors and mentees. Discuss your goals, expectations, and progress throughout the program.

Ready to embark on this transformative journey with Volvo Group and CWA? Apply now to be a part of our Reverse Mentorship Program and be the change you wish to see in the tech world!

Application requirements: To be considered for this reverse mentorship program, we would like you to provide the following information as part of your application:

  1. Short presentation: Please submit a brief presentation where you introduce yourself. Highlight your passions, aspirations, and what drives you in the field of technology. Share your unique perspective!
  2. Why you want to join: In a short statement, explain why you're enthusiastic about being part of this program and what you hope  to gain from it.

📩 Apply Today:

Deadline for application is 24th September 2023

Let's shape the future of tech together!

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