Workout @ home

with CWA

Date: Wednesday December 2 2020
Time: 17:30-18:30
Location: Online (zoom)
Feel good with us
Now it is more important than ever to take care of ourselves and each other. Let's get together (virtually) for a workout session! Together with personal trainer Kajsa Ålund we will do a full-body workout. Come as you are, no previous knowledge required. 
the event
We will meet virtually at zoom for a full body workout, led by personal trainer and online coach Kajsa Ålund. Kajsa specializes in women's health and will explain how the workout session will be performed before it starts. Afterwards, there will be time to ask Kajsa questions or have a chat with the CWA board.
During the workout session we will use resistance bands, which all members who sign up for this event will beable to get for free (shipping cost not included). We are happy to collaborate with ICANIWILL for this!
Important note
When you sign up for this event, you will get a promo code to use at ICANIWILL's website. This code gives you access to a package of 3 resistance bands of a value of 200 SEK for free (shipping costs not included). You will have much use of these during the work session!
In order to get your resistance bands from ICANIWILL delivered home in time, make sure to sign up and place your order no later than
25th of November.
17:15 Zoom room opens.
17:30 Personal trainer Kajsa explains how the work out session will be performed.
17:45 Full body workout session starts!
18:30 Workout done! It will be possible to ask Kajsa or the CWA board any questions you might have.
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For any questions about this event, please contact Maria Svensson: maria.svensson@cwa-chalmers.se