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Explore your future as a female Implementer


Are you curious about management consulting in general, and how it can look like from a female perspective in particular? Great!

At Implement we are actively working to diminish the differences in an otherwise male-dominated industry. Implement wants to be the best place for the best people, and that is why we created the IM_Female Programme - the community where we can gather in a relaxed and intimate setting, get to know each other, and explore the opportunities of a female management consulting career.


The programme consists of 4 events distributed over the year 2023, each with their own theme. The first event will be held in the beginning of 2023.

Applications are welcome from all ambitious female students in their second or third year, but who will continue with a master’s degree.


If you are interested in a management consultant career, you don’t want to miss this!


Application deadline: 30th of November


We are SO excited to meet our girl gang!


More information about the programme and application can be found here: