Hi there CWA members!

We at Columbia Road are now looking for new friends to work with next summer! We are a digital sales consultancy challenging the old ways of running digital business and ecommerce. We help companies get more revenue and more customers in the digital era. Columbia Road has grown from 0 to over 130 talented people in 5 years. With the spirit of a true start-up, but with a twist of hard-core experience, employees are given a great deal of responsibility and freedom. We love to laugh, play some tunes at the office, and grab a few drinks after work. The search is on for 4 types of people:

As a sales associate, your work consists of handling the whole consulting sales process from first contact and initial discussions to drafting and presenting proposals and all the way to project management during the project delivery. 

As a digital marketer, you are excited about growth hacking, interested in results-oriented marketing, and happy to delve into analytics. You might be familiar with some modern marketing tactics, such as SEM, SEO (both content and technical), SMM, Marketing Automation, Media Buying, Inbound and lead generation or Amazon SEM+SEO — but we don't expect you to know it all!

As a UX designer, you understand the client and their customers, prioritise use cases and features, create mockups and prototypes and test them. 

As a software developer, you are interested in what happens under the hood of modern digital sales channels, and how to create a positive impact on the client's business through tech. At your core you see developer tools as merely a means to an end, your real strength lies in your ability to learn and adapt to a business, rather than being expert in one language.


And if you find yourself to be something in between these roles, let us know, we won't box you in just one position! You’ll get to work on projects in close collaboration with clients and you’ll always have a world-class team of diverse specialists for support and to learn from.

Check out our open positions and apply by 31st of January 2022!