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Here to build a stronger female network and inspire, motivate and engage students in their studies and future careers. Creating a more equal academy and technology industry.
Chalmers Women's
We are a non-profit association at Chalmers, founded by and created for female and non-binary students. Our purpose is to establish a network between female and non-binary students and people within the academy and business. We work to inspire, motivate and engage students in their studies and future careers - with the mission to create a more equal academy and technology industry. 
We aim to become the leading community for female and non-binary students at Chalmers. We want to create a strong network, as well as inspire, motivate and engage students in their studies and future careers.
We want to enable female and non-binary students to create valuable contacts within the technology industry and provide necessary knowledge to achieve their career goals.
We want to encourage female and non-binary students to question outdated biases about gender and stereotypes within the academy and scientific research.
Our upcoming
Our aim is to create attractive events that give value to our members. Our events will focus on at least one of the three areas: community, business and academy. Find out more about our upcoming events here.
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a member
The membership at Chalmers Women's Association is free. As a member you will get the opportunity to participate in our events and activities. You will be part of a growing network between 500+ female and non-binary students and people at Chalmers, and get the chance to connect with companies and individuals who represent a more equal academy and technology industry.
We are an association under the Student Union at Chalmers. The membership is open for all students, as well as alumni and individuals working at Chalmers. Sign up for free by filling out the details below:

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Our people
We value creativity and the ability to challenge the way we think. Our common vision is to create a stronger female community in order to increase equality within the academy and technology industry.
Hanna Svensson
Founder & Chairwoman
Maria Svensson
Founder &
Vice Chairwoman - Events
Klara Pilhall
Founder &
Vice Chairwoman - Marketing
Karin Wulfsberg
Business Events
Gabriella Gatenholm
Business Events
Hanna Jonsson
Sponsors + partners
Are you interested in getting to know female and non-binary studentsDo you work at a company that values equality, and actively works towards a more equal industry? Or did your company finally decide that it is time for a change?
...Then let's talk! We are a newly founded association at Chalmers with already 500+ female and non-binary members, and are currently looking for sponsors and companies
to partner up with. For collaboration opportunities, do not hesitate to reach
out to business@cwa-chalmers.se.

Talk to us

For any inquiries, do not hesitate to reach out. We are always looking for creative ideas, interesting partners and new perspectives.

We are based at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg.

Tel: +46703- 933 539


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